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the Sportsman's Box

The Sportsman's Box concept was designed by two avid sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who founded "For Sportsmen by Sportsmen LLC" for several reasons that you will find below.  As children, we spent our days following the trail of those who encouraged our passion and desire to be in the outdoors.   Lessons were taught, and many memories were made through our adventures.  Through the years, we have developed the experience in the field and a passion in our mission to share our skills and love of the sport to those around us. So come along, we look forward to serving Sportsmen and women like you across this great nation.

Below, get to know everyone involved with putting together the best Monthly Hunting and Fishing Box on the market! Each individual was asked - Most Memorable Hunt - Favorite Game to Eat - Favorite Game to Chase

Sportsman's Box Staff

Adam Whitehead

Waterfowl hunting with the women.jpg

William Kornegay

Courtney Sweetser Smith

Sportsman's Box Field Operatives

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Christopher B. of North Carolina


Josh P. of Missouri and West Virginia

Field Operative of the Sportsman's Box Hunting in Colorado

Anna D. of Pennsylvania 


Jeremiah D. of California

2014-12-16 21.33.56.jpg

John H. of West Virginia

photo 1.JPG

Jessica B. of Texas and New Mexico

Courtney S. of Oklahoma

Courtney and Camden MO Infinity.jpg

Hanna F.   of  Maryland

Jim O.      of      Kansas

Mo M.     of    Alabama


Lexi L.   of    Louisiana 

2015 lukes buck.jpg

Brandon O. of Kansas and Texas

Brandon 1.jpg

Brit and Josh C. of Utah

Joel L.     of       Tennesse

Stephen E. of Pennsylvania  

Bob W. of  Connecticut

Bob W.jpg

Adam O.   of  Colorado


Cara H.   of    Arkansas

Cara h.jpg

Jennifer F. of Wisconsin

Jennifer F..jpg

Liz O.   of     Louisanna