Christopher B. of North Carolina

1. Most Memorable Hunt:

To date my most memorable hunt would be while hunting in the Sand Hills of Nebraska in 2012. I was with a close group of friends that all met up there from all over for a one week Hunt. On opening day one of my buddies and I sat in the same makeshift blind we made, of a torn down round bail of hay that was overlooking where a alfalfa and corn field met. As luck would have it he dropped a very nice 150 mule deer that morning that was running with nearly 30 doe. I thought for sure that it would take a while before another buck moved in on them. The next evening I took my largest deer. A wide 164 and 7/8 mule deer. We all were successful that year and enjoyed great company of sharing old memories and making new ones.

2. Favorite Game To Eat:

This is a tough one. I have to say butterflied whitetail back strap threaded on a stick. We lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and cooked over a campfire. Hands down best steak I've ever had.

3. Favorite Game To Chase:  

To me there is nothing more fun than scaring up some ring neck pheasant but my favorite is still whitetail deer. I enjoy watching all the hard work put into clearing an area, making a food plot, setting a stand in a strategic location and maintaining everything you have control over and worked so hard for to become a success.

Happy Hunting!

Christopher “B12” Bildzukewicz