Jennifer F. of Wisconsin

1. Most Memorable Hunt:

January 2015 my boyfriend Josh and I went out to the blind in 15 degree weather and had days left of the season to get a buck with my bow. Right before dark we had 10 does and 2 bucks come in 10 feet from the blind. At this point my hands were frozen, but my adrenaline had kicked in so I could not think of anything besides the buck standing right in front of us. I pulled back my bow, and then watched the buck drop 50 yards away. We were both shaking, hugging each other, and so excited! That buck has provided us with lots of venison tacos! 

2. Favorite Game To Eat:

Wild Turkey and Ground Venison 

3. Favorite Game To Chase:  

Whitetail and soon to be Elk as I am going on my first Elk hunt in September 2016!

Get Out There,

Jennifer F.