Jeremiah D. of California


1.       Most Memorable hunt:
There are so many hunts that I could write about, but the one that stands out to most to me is this one. I took my 4.5 year old daughter out on her first hunt. We went dove hunting, it was the greatest moment ever. I had my daughter decked out in camo standing by my side. After the hunt she grabbed my face and said “Daddy, thanks for taking me, I love you..” No animal can ever compare to that moment
2.       Favorite Game To Eat:
Come on man, you’re talking to a wild game chef, I’m supposed to pick just one? Okay, if I have to pick just one I would pick…  Elk backstrap, Grilled Med-rare seasoned with simple cracked pepper and sea salt, then topped with fire grilled garlic butter & herbs. All sitting atop a mountain of fresh mashed potatoes.
3.       Favorite Game To Chase:
Chasing Mule Deer through sage brush with your bow compares to nothing else. Sitting high on the peak glassing down looking for that rack peeking out from behind the shrub… yup has to be my favorite.

Happy Hunting!

Jeremiah Doughty - From Field to Plate