Lexi L. of Illinois

1. Most Memorable Hunt:

My most memorable hunt would have to be my Illinois Whitetail Hunt. During this week of November, I grew the most as a hunter. I went there with an idea of how it was going to be, and a plan of what I wanted to do, and nothing happened how I expected. It was a chilly, crisp morning and the 10 point buck I was after came crashing through the woods and he never gave me a good enough shot! At that moment I felt failure rushing through my body as I thought he was gone for good. Until a few hours later he came back and gave me the right opportunity to claim my trophy, and that's exactly what I did. It was amazing to me because I started my hunt with no range finder, no calls, no education; it was my 2nd year of bow hunting and I just bagged not only my first bow buck, but the biggest buck of my life. 

2. Favorite Game To Eat:

I would have to choose deer venison because you obtain so much from one deer, and the recipes are endless. I have prepared and filmed so many different recipes and ways to cook venison; it's endless. It tastes fantastic, you can mix it, grind it, fry it, grill it, broil it, you can even can it! 

3. Favorite Game To Chase:  

 Waterfowl is definitely my favorite to chase; for the simple fact that every hunt is a challenge! Not only do you get to tag out every day of the season but you get to enjoy it with you best fur friend and your closest buddies. Water-fowling is about cracking jokes with your pals, setting up decoys, and shooting at a moving target which makes it more of an adrenaline rush and takes more skill; overall a bigger challenge. 

Get Out There,

Lexi L.