Mo M. of Alabama

1. Most Memorable Hunt:

My most memorable hunt would have to be my trip to Saskatchewan chasing Whitetail Deer. My family has been going to this one outfitter in Northern Saskatchewan for years now and I had always been in school or working. A couple of years ago, I finally got my chance to go see if I could wait it out and get a nice buck. We finally get there and get set up at the camp, which was very nice in a use the generator for lights kind of way (I loved it). On the first morning, I am so worried that I’m going to forget my shells or warm clothing that I forget my lunch in the camp. This didn’t hit me until lunch when I couldn’t wait to devour my sandwich. I saw a lot of wildlife so it wasn’t so bad. On the second day, I ride in the bed of a rhino for 45 kilometers to get to my stand. Let me tell you, that is ONE COLD RIDE. I sit in the stand until 3:30 watching a beautiful 8 point, and then the ruler of the roost walks down the road right beside me. This was the first time I’ve ever known that this was a shooter as soon as I saw him. He ended up weighing 285 pounds and had 14 points including a split kicker and a drop tine!

2. Favorite Game To Eat:

Lightly fried, deer cube steak in brown onion gravy with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes 

3. Favorite Game To Chase:  

I would love to say that it is Whitetail Deer but the Biologist in me really loves trying to keep the population of Feral Pigs down. I love watching deer all day, but ground checking an invasive species is my cup of tea.  

Good Luck, Good Hunting, and always donate your extra game

Brian “Mo” Mosley