Hunting a Ground Blind vs Tree Stand - Pros and Cons

Ground or tree? What's your style? I personally prefer a tree stand, but I don't mind sitting in a ground blind. I'm not going to complain if I'm in the woods, period! Here are a few pros of each, starting with my favorite.
Tree Stand

1. I don't get busted by does near as often because I'm up higher. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair because it's so long and I can't get that girly scent out of it, so it's a good day if they don't smell me.

Tree Stand.JPG

2. I can see everything! It's hard to know what's headed your way from a ground blind, but I can watch game from up high all day long. If I don't have a shot, at least I can watch them. & let's be honest, you may not see anything else but you'll always see a squirrel!

3. I'm more connected with nature. I love when the wind moves the tree and I can feel it sway back and forth, or when the sun starts to come out and it's warm on my back. Call me a free-spirit but I love those little details!
4. I wouldn't constantly have the good luck charm of bird poop landing on me. Does anybody else get pooped on regularly? Maybe I'm just special. Either way, it's a reminder that I'm in their territory and that's a beautiful thing!

5. Movement isn't near the issue that it is on the ground. My butt and feet fall asleep a lot so I like the little freedom to adjust as needed.

6. When I've taken shots from a tree stand, I have a much better recollection of where the game was standing in relation to other objects. In a ground blind, depth of field can be tricky. The broader perspective from a tree stand helps me to track. It seems so easy to say exactly where that animal was but there have been times that my adrenaline was pumping so much I struggle to replay it all.

Blind 1.JPG

Ground Blind
1. You don't have to climb! Sometimes tree stands are difficult to get in and out of, especially in the dark! Ground blinds are much simpler and aid to those that have limited mobility.
2. There aren't limitations as far as location - you can set up anywhere! Tree stands don't work everywhere, so if you're considering buying one or the other, a ground blind is always the safer option.
3. Being covered on all sides is a major positive because of the harsh weather conditions during fall and winter months.
4. As far as time, being on the ground is much quicker in all aspects for obvious reasons - just climb through and sit down.
5. There's less room for error. Imagine crawling into a tree stand, locking yourself in, then dropping your range finder on the ground. A simple mistake like that can cost a few minutes of daylight or the biggest buck you've ever seen.
6. You have options for clothing. It is best to wear all black in a ground blind to blend with the interior, but you're still safe to wear camo.
7. Taking shots from the ground are typically easier because you're at eye level with the animal and not having to think about the angle at which the arrow is flying.

Remember there isn't a right or wrong. If you're in the woods, you're learning and becoming a better hunter, which is the most important thing.

Happy Hunting,

Jessica Byers  @followherarrow

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