Field Operative: Hanna Frank


Most Memorable Hunt:

My favorite hunt would have to be my first deer hunt. My dad and I were set-up for an afternoon hunt in a blind that overlooked a cut corn field. Throughout the evening we watched as doe worked the field, but I was holding out for the buck. As the late fall sun began to set we became discouraged that we were not going to take a deer. Slowly darkness began to take over the field and out of the woods walked a beautiful 8 pointer. My heart was thumping out of my chest as I took the shot. My Dad and I searched the dark woods for a while unsure if I got him or not. Many steps later and there he was laying there…definitely one of the most exciting moments of my life!

Favorite Game to Eat:

Bacon wrapped in dove (aka the filet of the sky), marinated in special sauce then grilled.

Favorite Game to Chase:

That’s like asking me which of my dogs I like best…hard to answer because I like each of them for different reasons. If I HAVE to choose I’ll say dove hunting. Nothing like walking out to hunt in shorts and a t-shirt at the end of summer with dove buzzing around like crazy!

Happy Hunting!