Reflecting on Droptine: When you think the hunt is over.

Have you ever been in the middle of a hunt and had something happen, that makes you think, well this hunt is over…

If you have been hunting for a long enough time, then I am sure you have had the thought run across your mind.  And sometimes you will listen to that thought, walk back to your truck to go home.  Well this is a story about how I was “this close” to doing just that, but boy am I glad I stayed.

It was in the first half of November and the rut was on, in eastern NC.  My father, brother and I were all chasing after the same buck that we had captured on camera for the first time around the first few days of November.  We knew this buck had made his way to our farm with only 1 thing on his mind. This buck had only been caught on camera just a couple of times and both of them were after dark.  

My father, brother and I rushed back home every chance we got, in hopes to have an opportunity to take him during shooting hours.  The visualization of having it happen while we were in the woods kept us after him. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday – I finished up work early on Friday and rushed home to hunt all weekend.  Friday afternoon hunt – little to no action.  Saturday morning hunt – a few does. By the way, they are picking sorghum this whole time all over the farm.  By the time Saturday afternoon came around you could find me asleep in the recliner with disgust on the weekends results thus far. 

However, after much contemplation I decided to get out there and enjoy the sunset.  I arrived at the stand earlier than normal, got settled in, and before I know it does start walking out of the corn field in front of me. They kept me entertained until about 30 minutes before sunset, when 3 does stepped out behind me (downwind) and lifted their noses in the air.  Next thing I know they begin blowing, letting every deer around know that something is not right. Finally they run off and I remember thinking to myself. “Well this is over.”  

Before packing up I thought to myself “I got here early might as well enjoy the sunset that I came to watch.”  Next thing I knew several does emerged from the back corner with a nice 8 point buck trailing close behind.  To my surprise, the real hunt had just begun!  Within seconds more does began to trickle out of the same corner, and I caught a glimpse of a big bodied deer jogging across the back edge of the tree line.  I reached for my binoculars, spotted the droptine and immediately reached for my gun, knowing that this is the buck I had been waiting for.  I peered through my scope to find him just before he had the chance to trot back into cover.  I took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.  

Heart racing, not knowing exactly what had just transpired, I saw the other 8 point buck peak his head out of the corn as if he was saying “What just happened?”, and before I knew it, he and the does had disappeared into the woods.

Droptine had left the field leaving no blood trail or sign of dispair…. be sure to check back for the rest of the story Wednesday. All of our Sportsman’s Club emails will have first access, you can too by entering your email in the footer if you haven't already.

Until next time – Get out there!