Whitetail Food Plots - Why, Where, When

I don’t know what you have tried or if you have even tried planting food plots for your whitetail hunting areas, but I would highly suggest you do for a number of reasons.

1.    Grow BIGGER Bucks

Providing the deer better quality nutrition is essential to maximizing the health of your deer population.  Not only the overall health of the deer population but the size of the bucks in your herd.  You may have some excellent genes in your herd but year after year of them not getting proper nutrition, means you will never see their full potential. (Just like you can’t expect a pro athlete to perform at the top of his game, if he has only eaten donuts and Twinkies the past week.)

2.    Make it Convenient

The placement of your food plots matter.  Scout the woods and know where the deer usually travel.  Put deer cameras up before planting to make sure the bucks are also traveling this route.  Do not disrupt their current travel path while making it convenient for deer to get too. (You don’t make a pro athlete run a mile, prepare his meal and run back to get a balanced meal, if you did they would probably hit up McD’s every meal.)

3.    Think about Timing

Check out the nutritional balance of the food plots you are putting down.  Make sure the balance lines up with the season the deer is in.  In growth stage you may want to lay down a plot that is higher in protein. Bucks antlers in prime growth stage can grow up to 1.2 inches a day, you want to capitalize on that. (Can’t expect a pro athlete to recover from a hardcore workout by feeding him Frosted Flakes to rebuild.)

It does make a difference, it does matter where, and it does matter when.  Set up a game plan, set aside a couple of weekend afternoons and put in the work. The season starts NOW!

And remember if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it, so keep track of what you do!

Get out There,

Team at Sportsman’s Box

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