What it means to be a Field Operative

Being a Field Operative represents a passion for hunting, conservation, and the outdoors.  Testing, reviewing, and recommending the latest gear/equipment is what goes on behind the scenes at the Sportsman’s Box. Only the best products make it to your doorstep! My experience in becoming a Field Operative has been nothing short of incredible and the opportunities that lie ahead are endless. 

I first learned of the Field Operative Program while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I was intrigued when I stumbled upon a picture of Courtney in full camo with the words “Got what it takes?” written above.  After reading further, I realized the question was referring to the Field Operative Program and I instantly felt a rush of excitement. As an avid sportsman and lover of all things outdoors, I knew working with the Sportsman’s Box would be a perfect fit. I jumped on the opportunity and submitted my application right then and there. 

The questions on the application only further solidified my feelings of excitement toward the potential of working with the Sportsman’s Box. What is your hunting and fishing experience? What is your favorite wild game to chase? How active are you in your sportsman’s lifestyle? What resonated with me the most was the emphasis on living an active outdoors lifestyle. 

A blog post and phone interview later, I received the email I had been waiting for.  I was chosen to be a Field Operative for the Sportsman’s Box!! Overjoyed, I quickly replied back with a big grin on my face. As a Field Operative, I will be writing blog posts, testing the latest and greatest gear, and representing the sportsman of my region.

Do you have what it take? - Apply to be a Sportsman's Box Field Operative!

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