Train with a Purpose

Whether your hiking the Yukon on a moose hunt or trekking deep through the woods to hunt whitetail, it takes quite a bit of stamina and strength to do so... and that is where the importance of maintaining a fit lifestyle comes into play.  

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I have an extensive fitness background as a professional fitness competitor and it sure is paying off these days.  It is a priority everyday to work out and continue a healthy balanced life and I have found it to be beneficial during hunting season.  Hunting is not just a hobby, but it is a lifestyle!  With that being said, I train with a purpose.  

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We have a property in Southern Ohio that is very hilly terrain and it is like a crossfit workout getting to and from our treestands.  In addition to the hiking aspect of hunting, property management is also demanding on the body.  Without a side by side or quad, carrying 100lb bags of corn to fill feeders is not the easiest thing to do by any means.  Or what about when you make that kill and have to drag that 10 point buck out of the woods?  Even if you field dress the deer, carrying those hammies out over your shoulders require some muscles!  

If you understand the importance to train with a purpose all year round, you'll be thanking yourself when the season rolls around.  Happy hunting!!

Train With a Purpose,

Field Op - Meggan Lane

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